The mission of She is a Wildflower NPO is to offer coaching, therapy and healing to underprivileged communities. We aim to assist with healing trauma and generational beliefs allowing primarily women to empower and free themselves from abuse, poverty and breaking these cycles for the next generations. 

 A percentage or specified amount from each individual who works with Beth through Wildflower Transformation Coaching will be donated to the NPO, so you will also be assisting other women through their healing journey. If you would like more information or feel called to make any form of donation, please connect with us through the connect page.

These three core programmes will be covered:

Coaching + Masterclasses

We will pay coaches to coach groups of mainly women and get inspirational speakers to speak at sponsored events / masterclasses in order to inspire women to know what is possible for them.

Healing 4

This will be run by Mbali, we are planning to assist traditional healers with their own healing journey helping to heal trauma. We will also give options for further education and provide business coaching so they can form their own online businesses. This will be paid forward by each participant in the programme providing complimentary sessions to at least 5 people in their communities.


This will be personal and business coaching for informal traders and businesses in townships open to both women and men.