About_You're a driven woman

who has followed what you were taught,
you “should do” or “should be” in order to be a success.

And you already are successful, hardworking, and have a heart of gold. You know deep down that you want to make an impact and leave a legacy.

So, what GIVES? It can feel like an uphill battle at times, you know that something is missing. You are more than willing to do the work, but it can feel scary to go inwards and you are so tired already. There is just so much noise out there so you don’t know where to start.

Fact is… there are some things you can’t do alone, as the root cause of what you are experiencing is often not something you are consciously aware of… otherwise you would have already found the answers you are looking for.

Sometimes, stress and mental exhaustion gets in the way, and you need a little more support and guidance to break through.

Wildflower Transformation Coaching _Wonderful women I see you

and I know all about what you’re going through. In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me…


I am a certified Transformation Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner who is passionate about empowering women.


With a history of working in banking and finance at one of the largest global trading companies I definitely know a thing or two about stress and burnout. I also have an amazing daughter Chloe’ who keeps us on our toes!


Having lived in South Africa, London and Geneva, I am a global citizen and have experienced how different cultures “manage stress” differently depending on social conditioning and beliefs.


I started Wildflower Transformation Coaching after going on my own personal healing journey and remembering who I always knew I was meant to be.


When you reach rock bottom you have no other choice but to ask yourself how you got there. I personally woke up in my early 30s burnt out and believing that I was broken. I had followed the “formula for success” and was outwardly what you would consider successful, but inside I felt anything but. Working in a high-flying corporate job was something I fell into; it was very far removed from my dream of working in psychology helping people.


Dealing with the kind of stress I experienced is not something you are taught how to do, and as the hole inside myself started to grow wider by the day, I was filling it with wine and binge-watching sessions. Constantly trying to numb the pain. I eventually tried to slow down and turned to the credit card instead. Off I would go on another shopping spree to “spoil myself” for all the hard work I was doing. I would go home and hang my new clothes in an already overfilled cupboard with most items still adorning the price tags on them. However, as my cupboard became fuller, my heart became more and more emptier.


Cutting the ties and leaving my corporate job is a full other story for another day, however what eventually changed my life was BURNING OUT and FINALLY getting the help I needed to let of childhood trauma and start believing that I was enough just the way I was. Burn Out has taught me so much about myself and why I was behaving the way I did. It has also catapulted me to follow my dreams and help others in a way I could never have imagined if I hadn’t experienced it.

Wildflower Transformation Coaching _Mini Manifesto

what informs my work with you

I believe that you can’t truly love yourself until you take the time to really know yourself and how you tick.


I believe that stress and burnout can be your best friend as it tells you honestly that something needs to change.


I believe that everything you are looking for is already inside of you buried underneath traumas, unprocessed emotions and everything you have been taught you “should do” or “should be”


I’ve helped over 50 incredible women create self-acceptance, peace and purpose that they are proud of, without all the typical B.S. that comes along with the pushy, masculine way that a lot of personal development is currently practiced.   

Wildflower Transformation Coaching _Im different

than other coaches because...

  • I have actually experienced what I know many women are going through and done the work to heal. I also continue to prioritise my own growth and healing,
  • I see the person in front of me, and not the problem, we all have the ability to heal and find our own answers, we don’t need to “fix” ourselves,
  • I am not trying to sell you some “dream life” where everything is perfect if you follow my formula, I am practical in my approach that you use what works for you and your life,
  • I deeply care about humanity and the future of the world, so I want to help as many women as possible to heal and bring their unique gifts to the world,
  • I’m just a regular person, who loves indie rock, markets, festivals, being in nature and going on adventures with my family.

Anyone can tell you that “You are Enough” but it won’t matter until you truly start to believe that for yourself. So, if you’re ready to experience more inner peace in a way that’s fun and supportive, let’s talk.


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