Congratulations and Welcome to Burning out to Thriving!

I am just doing a happy dance as I am so honoured that you have chosen to join and for allowing me to be your guide on this big step forward in your journey of self discovery.

Burning Out to Thriving was made with love for awesome ladies like you to start drowning out the noise and really start remembering what makes YOU tick so you can start living an authentic life THAT SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIRE!

The weeks ahead are going to be fun, exciting but also challenging as you step out of your comfort zone and start discovering more about yourself! I am here to help you throughout so please do not hesitate to reach out.

Please take a moment and really acknowledge yourself for listening to your heart and investing in YOU.

Membership Site Details

The Burning Out to Thriving course is all hosted in a membership site. Log in details for course access will be emailed to you by no later than the 1st April 2020.

The course officially begins on Monday, 6th April 2020. That’s when Module One: Self Awareness will be released on the membership site. 

You will receive an email every Monday when the new module will be released over the 8 week period that the course will run for. 

In the mean time, have a look at the below resources in preparation for the course.


Once you have received the log in details for the membership site, I would like to suggest that you go straight to the site where you will again see the Welcome Video and become acquainted with where everything is. It is really user friendly however if you need any assistance with getting around it please reach out throughout the duration of the course.

Then check out the following resources which will already be available:



Setting Intentions for the Outcome of the Course, do this first as it will be really important throughout the course to go back to these intentions of what you would like to get out of the course. You can use this as your North Star if you find it difficult at times, which is totally normal;

Join the Burning Out to Thriving Facebook Group where you will receive extra support in order to keep motivated and held accountable throughout the course;

Overcoming Guilt: you can go through this workbook whenever you like but why not get stuck in already and start overcoming any guilt you may have;

Map: there is a map which gives you all the important dates for the course which you can diarise already;


Checklist: there is a checklist with everything you will need to complete weekly so you can keep track and get the satisfaction of ticking things off as you go along.

We’ll keep you posted on anything administrative or fun that you need to know and always feel free to respond to this or any of our emails with questions or feedback.




THANK YOU again for joining us and I look forward to connecting with you shortly.

To quickly introduce myself if you don’t know me already, I’m Beth, a certified transformation and life coach who is passionate about empowering ladies to live their life free of burnout by letting go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions. I will be your Guide during Burning Out to Thriving.

Feel free to also follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Lots of love

Beth and the Wildflower Team