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Welcome to my very first blog post!

Just to introduce myself before getting started, I am Beth, the face behind Wildflower Transformation Coaching which has just launched this month. The aim behind Wildflower Transformation Coaching is to help as many ladies as possible to manage stress by empowering them to let go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

For more information on me, please check out my About Page on my website – http://wildflowertransformationcoaching.com.www78.cpt1.host-h.net/about

What is Transformation Coaching you may ask?

As you may have noticed, my business name mentions Transformation Coaching. I am a certified Transformation and Life coach and have trained to use a unique coaching methodology called the Transformation Coaching System.

Most of us when we think of transformation, a picture of those before and after pictures you see on social media pop into your mind where someone has transformed their body. While Transformation Coaching could help with this, it doesn’t focus on the body but rather on the mind.

To give an idea of how the Transformation Coaching System works, it is best to first briefly explain how our minds process what is happening around us (apologies to those who already know this, bear with me).

In a nutshell:

  • Our internal representation of the world i.e., what you are seeing on your internal mental screen, is determined by information received from the external world through our five senses.
  • Our subconscious mind will receive approx. 400 billion bits per second of information from the world around us which is just too much for our conscious minds to process, so this information is then filtered and we only receive 2000 bits of this consciously thereafter;  
  • There are various filters which include our culture, values, beliefs, memories, language, and these filters will be different for each individual person. You may have heard the saying “Your perception is your reality”, well we all have a unique perception of what is happening around us since we all have different backgrounds and conditionings that form our filters;
  • Everything that we are experiencing we will thereafter create meaning to which will then affect our emotional state (how we are feeling);
  • Which then determines our actions and behaviours.

Your subconscious mind controls 95% of your behaviour, decisions and choices you make and the other 5% is controlled by your conscious mind which is our thinking and rational brain (this is also where your willpower resides).

It can therefore be really be hard to make changes in life as depending on what belief systems you have running through your subconscious mind, this may not support the changes you are consciously trying to make. For example, if you were told as a child that you weren’t really athletic and formed that belief, it can become difficult when you are trying to become healthier and do more physical activity when you are older as you still believe you are not athletic enough to do it (even though you probably aren’t trying to make the athletics team anymore!).  

As a Transformation coach, this is where I would concentrate, on these limiting beliefs that may be holding you back so we can remove these and transform your perception of what is happening around you. We also work on whatever emotions that may be holding you back, like self doubt, fear, anger etc. and on your self image.

Your self image is the mental picture of yourself in your mind but is not necessarily who you really are. We operate from this picture so it is really is empowering to come back to yourself and who you truly are.

Why stress management?

You will notice that I have decided to concentrate on stress management and the reason behind this is I have a lot of experience myself with stress having burnt out more than once during my years in a fast paced corporate environment. Burning out is not fun and it is not easy to recover from which is why I would like to ensure other ladies don’t have to go through this.

I personally had been running the belief (amongst many others) that you had to work really hard to get far in life and that you will be happy when you are successful but I can tell you that this was so far from the truth. It really took me years of pushing myself to finally decide that this wasn’t working for me and something had to change.

I spent a lot of time consciously trying to change and read A LOT of self help books which did help but I would still fall back to my old ways from time to time. Only once I trained to become a Transformation coach and started working on my own limiting beliefs did I really see a real change in myself.

It is a journey though, there is no way you can’t feel stress or certain emotions ever again, but letting go of the hold it had on me has been life changing.

So, I hope that has given you more of an insight into what Transformation Coaching is, please let me know if you would like to know more.

I would also love to know if you have any limiting beliefs you are already consciously aware of? What have you been doing so far to try and free yourself from these?

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