The Behind-the-scenes of how I learnt to let go + 5 reasons why I rave about!


This is a personal post about my history with depression and low self esteem that led me to burn out a couple of years ago. It was through learning to let go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions I was holding onto from events in my past that has completely transformed me and how I see and experience life.

We often think that time heals all wounds but the majority of us are actually holding on to a lot of unprocessed emotions around events from our past that we sometimes aren’t even consciously aware of. This is affecting how we are perceiving and reacting to everything happening in our lives in the present and often stops us from living truly fulfilling lives.

I am going to tell you the reasons why letting go has benefited me and why this is something I am so passionate about helping others do.

A brief history

I suffered with depression since my early teens and went through various very low times when just getting out of bed or out of the house was a serious mission. This was something I hid from the outside world and only a few of my closest family and friends were aware of, I became very good as wearing a mask to hide what was happening inside of me.

Along with this I had very low self-esteem and really did not believe that I was good or worthy enough. This led me to push myself in order to prove myself not only others but to try to improve my own sense of worth. I became a workaholic with absolutely no boundaries in place and started to drink and shop online in order to escape from the stress and pressure I was putting myself under.

It was only when I completely burnt out that I took a step back to evaluate how I had got to this point and decided that I wasn’t willing to live my life like that anymore. Often, we have to reach a point where there is more risk to stay stuck where you are then there is to make a complete change in your life and that was the point I got to. It was then that I found the Transformation Coaching Academy where I went through the process of letting go and learnt how to do this for others.

Letting go

Through the Transformation Coaching Programme and Inner Freedom Programme, I found what I had been looking for all my life – how to let go! I have been able to experience deeper love for myself and others by releasing the need to control everything and everyone, I finally feel good enough to be loved exactly as I am.

I have been able to set down the past and be free to live my best life now, and in the future, and the most awesome part was certifying into order to also help others with doing this by taking them through the same Programmes. Having been through this personally, and doing this for my clients, has lit up a passion in me to help as many people as possible to let go and start living now.

So why else are you raving about it?

There are so many reasons why letting go benefits us but here are my top 5 to share with you on why I now rave about it:

  • Projection – when you are holding onto unprocessed negative emotions from the past, this affects the way you are currently seeing your life in the present moment as we project our past experiences onto what it happening in our lives right now. By letting go I have become free to see what is happening around me in a new light as it is no longer tainted by the past. This also completely changes your relationship as you no longer see people basis what you have experienced previously in other relationships;
  • Self-worth – I have started to completely love and accept myself exactly as I am by letting go of the beliefs I had about myself which included “I am not good enough”. This has changed by perception of myself which ultimately changes how you interact with and are perceived by others;
  • Health – letting go is essential for our health as our subconscious mind stores unprocessed emotions throughout our bodies which over time causes sickness and disease, this is why doctors say that the majority of sickness is caused by stress;
  • Getting unstuck – negative emotions are heavy and when we are consumed by them it doesn’t allow us to attract more happiness into our lives, by letting these go you are able to experience more emotions like love, joy and peace which brings more of this into your life;
  • Living on the cause side of life – we need to take responsibility and learnings from every situation in your life in order to grow and learn from them otherwise you will live on the effect side of life where everything just happens to you and you don’t learn and grow. Instead of trying to change the effects by trying to control the situations in our outside world, letting go allows change our inside world and consciously change our reality.

We are unfortunately not all given the tools to allow us to let go, so if you are at that turning point where the risk to stay where you are is greater than to change then please do get in touch to organise a Free Stress Awareness Session.

I would also love to hear if you have had any great benefits of anything you have let go of in the past?

Sending love and light xxx

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