Already December! Now is a good time to reflect with these 10 questions


I don’t know about you, but I find the older I get time just keeps flying by faster and faster? With life constantly moving by, many of us find it difficult to take a step back during the busyness of daily living to actually reflect on where you are, what’s going well, what isn’t going well and how you are actually feeling.

Although I think we need to take time to do this consistently throughout the year, the upcoming holiday period is really a good time to take stock and reflect on everything you have achieved, learned and overcome during the course of the year so you can start the new year afresh with a new perspective.

Why I think Self-Awareness is so important 

I am a big advocate for self-awareness as I have seen that many of us have lost touch with ourselves in the midst of life and often that disconnection leads towards a lot more stress. Taking time to actually work out how you are feeling and more importantly, why you are feeling that way is so important. We have feelings and emotions for a reason, they are really trying to tell you something and move you forward but often we are pushing them to one side or suppressing them so we don’t get the messages we need.

The longer we carry on like this, the more our emotions start to take control of us as we need to process them and taking the learnings from them. I have therefore put together 10 questions for you to help you reflect on the past year and I would also like to recommend that you diarise right now some dates with yourself throughout the year (at least once a month) to check in with yourself to see what is going well, what is not going so well and what needs to change. (Take 5 minutes to do that now and come back for the questions) 

10 Questions to help you reflect

Now that you’ve diarised your dates with yourself, get a pen and paper or journal and let your heart do the writing, try not to overthink and just write down the first things that come to mind when you read the question:

  • What were my accomplishments during the course of the year? (Celebrate these no matter how big or small, it’s important to acknowledge everything that went well!)
  • What were my disappointments during the course of the year?
  • How has this year felt for me?
  • What were the most important lessons I learned about myself and / or life during this year?
  • What changes do I need to make in the coming year as a result?
  • What did I want to accomplish during this year that I didn’t manage to achieve?
  • What held me back?
  • What does success look like for me?
  • What is my main goal or aim for the coming year? (Your goal should align with your version of success)
  • What boundaries do I need to have in place to allow me to protect my energy during the coming year? 

Enjoy the reflection and if you would like to share them with me, I would love for you to get in touch on the following link and we can organise a Free Stress Awareness Session to discuss further.

Wishing you a beautiful festive season filled with love and light and everything of the best for the year ahead  

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