Maybe you’re feeling like you have lost your voice,  that you have lost your spark and no matter what you do, it never feels like it is enough?

You know deep down that there must be more to life, more to you, and that you just aren’t where you are meant to be

I would love to work with you.

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When did you stop believing in your own magic

You may be wondering when you stopped fully believing in yourself? When you stopped trusting your intuition?

Right now you find it easier to “suffer in silence” which makes you feel like you have lost your voice, and along with that; you feel like you’ve lost yourself


Does any of this sound like you
  • You often feel misunderstood,  and undervalued at work or at home like you must consistently prove yourself leading to anger and resentment towards your co-workers and family

  • It feels like no matter how much you achieve, or how much you give, it’s just never seems to be enough. So you continue to just aim to please others even if it is to your own detriment

  •  You have lost some of your confidence and don’t feel comfortable to speak up; to voice your feelings or opinions, especially when it goes against the grain or will cause conflict with others. It feels easier to just be a “good girl” and play by the rules 

  • You end up saying yes to things when you actually want to say no and find it difficult to trust your intuition. You wish you could make more of your own decisions and not feel like a pushover

  • You find yourself dwelling on the past, and the things you aren’t proud of, wishing some things could have been different. You feel shame about the way you have allowed others to treat you

  • You feel like you are hiding your true self, like you are meant for something different, but you aren’t sure what it is and how to get there so you just keep going through the motions, hoping that at some point it will get better

  • You sometimes wonder what the point is, there must be more to life, more to you

You can start to reclaim your magic

The thing is, reclaiming your power and magic isn’t as easy as it seems. We have been giving it away and hiding our true selves most of our lives – but I’m guessing you know this by now! It can also feel even harder if you think you don’t have enough time or you’re already feeling overwhelmed… but guess what, you don’t have to do it alone.

You can rebuild your confidence, reclaim your voice and start showing up as who you really are.

You can start to reclaim your body, your mind, your heart and start to make the impact you know you are meant for.



Reclaim Your Magic Session

During this online session we will  explore an area of your life that you would like to focus on where it either feels like something is missing, or things aren’t going the way you would like, or you are experiencing a bit of turmoil.

You will leave the session with tools and  resources to help you start reclaiming your magic by:

  • Embracing your strengths and what makes you unique so you can begin to let of the self-doubt and comparison

  • Identifying what your inner critic is saying and trying to do so you can become friends with it instead of losing energy with internal battles

  • Identify what beliefs could be holding you back in this area,  you will leave with a road map of what to focus on so you can really reclaim your voice and make the impact you know you are meant for

What’s included?

  • 75 Minute online Zoom Session + the recording

  • Pre-Session Questionnaire

  • Post Session notes and any additional resources I think might help you
Imagine if
  • You can confidently say no without having the conversation go around your mind for the next few weeks.
  • You have unshakable confidence and have embraced your strengths, that you are awesome, and you are starting to trust yourself.
  • You start to reclaim your passions, what lights you up and you remember what your dreams are.
  • You start to find yourself again, you come home to who you really are, under all the things you have been told you should be.
  • You feel more appreciated and valued, like you voice matters (because it really does matter and you really matter, the world needs your voice now!)
  • Reclaiming your magicwill free you up and it all starts with taking the first step, the first leap of faith. Deciding that there really is a point to your life, and you are ready to find it.


1-2-1_Why work with Beth

Hi lovely…

I’m Beth, owner of Wildflower Transformation Coaching. 

I’m a certified Transformation Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner working with ambitious women, who know deep down that something is missing in their life. I gently guide and empower them to let go of the past, reclaim their power, and start living a life that sets their soul on fire.

I have a history of working in banking and finance at one of the largest global trading companies. I know a thing or two about the highs and lows of working in corporate and how easily we can give our power away without even realising it; until we start to feel completely lost and empty inside.

I personally reached rock bottom in my early 30s finding myself burnt out and really believing I was broken. I had followed all the “should dos” in life and was outwardly what you would consider successful but inside I felt anything but. However, this was the biggest turning point for me. It forced me to go inwards to heal from all the ways I had given myself and my power away throughout my life. Even more, it led me on a path to finding what I was meant to be doing in the world and having the courage to follow it. I am therefore passionate about helping women like you reclaim their self-worth, reclaim their voice, reclaim their dreams and start living the life you deserve

We reclaim all of this not only for ourselves, but for our families, our communities and for every life we touch, you have the power to be part of a ripple effect of change. You are needed now more than ever!

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