3 Quick and Simple Steps to Identifying Limiting Beliefs


Have you ever heard the saying, “What you think, you become”?  I wanted to delve into this a bit more this month, especially focusing on beliefs as your most dominant thoughts, beliefs and emotions are what will be creating your current circumstances and reality that you are experiencing.

We are basically experiencing the feelings of our thoughts, and without trying to get too sciencey on you, scientists have concluded that our thoughts are real and to date they are the highest form of vibrating energy that have been measured. As we are constantly thinking, and then feeling, with no off button it can often lead to us living on auto pilot if we don’t become aware of what is happening in our mind. 

What is a limiting belief and why is everyone going on about them?

Beliefs can either be conditioned into us from a young age or are something we have later in life decided to accept as a truth. These beliefs can either be moving you forward, or completely holding you back which is when they become limiting.  They are being thought in our subconscious mind and often shape our realities without us being consciously aware of it. 

You can find a more in-depth description of how our minds process information on another blog post – http://wildflowertransformationcoaching.com.www78.cpt1.host-h.net/uncategorized/what-is-transformation-coaching/which explains how our subconscious mind filters all of information received from the outside world through our five senses. One of the main filters in our subconscious minds is our beliefs, therefore your belief system has a direct impact on what you perceive consciously as your reality then how we react and the habits we form. 

You therefore need look to change your beliefs in order to create a new reality for yourself, one that you consciously choose to experience.  In order to do this, you need to become aware of the negative and limiting beliefs that you currently have and change these to new beliefs that enable you live this new reality.

The 3 Quick and Easy Steps

Without shining a light on these beliefs and becoming aware of them, you can’t start to work on changing them therefore I thought I would give you quick easy steps that you can use in order to identify limiting beliefs that you may currently be holding you back. This tool is based on the ABC’s of Cognitive Belief Therapy:

  • The A is the Activating Event. Write down an event, circumstance or time in your life in the past or present moment that has been giving you extra stress or resulting in a strong emotional response. You can even go back to a goal that you wanted to achieve but weren’t quite able to get there which left you disappointed;
  • The C is the Consequence. Write down what was the emotional consequence or reactions you had or are currently experiencing due to this event? ie feeling hurt, angry, frustrated etc.
  • The B is the Belief. Spend some time contemplating on what beliefs you may have that resulted in you responding as you have or have stopped you from achieving your goal. This could be anything from “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not capable”, “I’m not worthy”, ask yourself what am I believing about myself or the situation that is causing the emotional consequence? Allow yourself to be honest with yourself.

Here is a full breakdown to help you out:

If you would like to share what you have uncovered, I would love for you to get in touch on the following link http://wildflowertransformationcoaching.com.www78.cpt1.host-h.net/contact/ and we can organise a Free Stress Awareness Session to discuss further.

We have so many beliefs, about ourselves, other people and how things should be which can really hold you back, being aware of them is the first step to moving forward.

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